Mexican Flag

Your Mexican flag can be a red-colored, bright and environmentally friendly advertising using the Mexican Coat involving Biceps right in the center than it. The particular red-colored symbolizes your blood that has been drop in the struggles for freedom. The bright is a symbol of love. Saving money represents the earth's fertility.

This specific picture can be thicker using metaphors. Your large eagle would be a representation in the sun god Huitzilopotchli, also the the almighty regarding warfare, which appeared to the Aztec head. Sunlight along with the sun god are very important on the Aztec while they get in touch with the "People with the Sunshine.In . Your eagle about the Mexican flag can be a fantastic eagle, even the recognized fowl of Mexico.

Mexican Flag
Mexican Flag
Mexican Flag
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Mexican FlagMexican Flag
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Mexican FlagMexican Flag
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